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Angel Series: Bardiel by Seifex Angel Series: Bardiel by Seifex
Biblical: Bardiel is known as both the Angel of hail, and the Angel of lightning.

Evangelion: His name is appropriate because in the show, when Evangelion Unit 03 is being transported to Japan from the United States, it passes through a lightning storm. Shortly after, when NERV tries to activate the Eva, it goes berserk, and they realize the entry plug (cockpit) cannot eject becuase the path is clogged with a white goop--the Angel. It takes down two Evas before Unit 01, and Shinji refuses to fight because he knows that a person is inside. Gendou activates the dummy system, which sends Unit 01 into auto pilot, at which point it proceeds to viciously tear Unit 03 and Bardiel to shreds. The fight scene ends with Unit 03's arm sticking out of the nearby river, and a trail of blood flowing away.
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fiskefyren Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009
ah... my fav angel ^^
its gonna be awesome to see it in action in the next rebuild of evangelion!
oborotyenvpup Featured By Owner May 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
oborotyenvpup Featured By Owner May 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Hear are all of the Angels names and what they are and there bios:

[ 1st Angel - Adam-Angel of the Red Earth ]
The first Angel. The giant of light spotted in Antarctica. The rumor that Adam was confined deep underground below NERV HQ turned out to be false information. The giant underground is in fact Lilith. The real Adam is the embryo-looking object brought by Kaji from Germany. This object was created by human when they restored Adam back to the embryonic state after they woke it up with S^2 Theory. This process seemed to be what had caused the Second Impact. Moreover, it was stated in Genesis of the Old Testament in Bible that Adam was the first human created by God based on His image. There are many theories as to what the word "Adam" means. "Earth", "Red" and "Create" have been put forward as possible theories.

[ 2nd Angel - Lilith-Angel of the Black Moon ]
A giant crucified on a red cross at the extreme depth under NERV HQ. Its face is covered with a mask which has the Arm of SEELE drawn on it. Its hands are penetrated by nails that are stuck on the cross. Although it does not have the lower body when it was pierced by the Spear of Longinus, it grows its lower body after the Spear was pulled out. Originally the Human Complementation Plan planned to use this Lilith. However SEELE changed the plan after the Spear was lost, and they attempted to use EVA-01 for Complementation purpose. At that moment, Keel Lorentz says this is "the copy of Lilith". By this it seems that EVA-01 was actually made by copying Lilith. By the way, in the preaching literatures of the Rabbis, it was said that Lilith (Lilit) was the very first wife of Adam. It was also said that between Adam and Lilith were born the demons and spirits.

[ 3rd Angel - Sachiel-Angel of Water ]
The first angel to appear in Tokyo-3 in the series. It survived a N^2 bomb deployed by the UN, it's head was damaged and a new head grew beside the old one. It has powerful optic blast, and also a spear-like weapon in each arm, which was used to pierce through the right eye of EVA-01. Sachiel self-destructed when EVA-01 ripped open it's torso and started smashing it's core.

[ 4th Angel - Shamshel-Angel of Day ]
It has a big head that shapes like a spade, it has two razor sharp whips. During it's confrontation with EVA-01, Shinji saw two of his friends were stranded on the battle field and let them into the entry-plug. Misato ordered Shinji to return to based, instead, Shinji dashed towards Shamshel with EVA's progressive knife and stabbed the core while Shamshel pierced EVA-01 in the abdomen. With less than one minute of internal power, the progressive knife managed to crack the core just in time before the power ran out. Shamshel was the most complete sample of angels collected, though the core was damaged, the angel provided many information on it's source of power, which was the model for S^2 engines.

[ 5th Angel - Ramiel-Angel of Thunder ]
This angel is capable of producing a high energy laser beam to eliminate enemies within a certain parameters. When EVA-01 was deployed, it's laser pierced through a building hitting directly on EVA-01's chest, boiling the L.C.L. in the entry-plug. Ramiel tried to penetrate NERV base by a drill. At the mean time, the SSDS Positron Rifle which uses the energy from the whole Japan, and a special shield was made. The first shot was missed by Shinji, while waiting for the rifle to recharge, EVA-00 protected EVA-01 from the laser beam using the shield. The second shot pierced through Ramiel.

[ 6th Angel - Gaghiel-Angel of Fish ]
The angel that appeared while EVA-02 was being tranported to Japan from Germany. It's was actually looking for Adam which was carried by Kaji. It's core is located within it's mouth. With the combine power of Asuka and Shinji, EVA-02 managed to open Gaghiel's mouth, allowing 2 ships to enter and firing at zero range.

[ 7th Angel - Israfel-Angel of Music ]
It first appeared at the coast line. EVA-01 and EVA-02 were sent there to destroy it, but to their surprise, Israfel split into 2 entities, attacking both EVA-01 and EVA-02 at the same time. While Israfel was recovering from an N^2, Misato worked out a strategy, and trained Shinji and Asuka to synchronize their attacks, and destroying both cores at the same time, within 62 seconds.

[ 8th Angel - Sandalphon-Angel of Embryos ]
It was detected in a volcano, still in it's embryonic form. An A-17 order was issued to capture the angel, while it was being hoisted by EVA-02, it started to grow rapidly and the mission was changed to eliminating the angel. EVA-02 killed it with the progressive knife but was sinking, EVA-01 managed to catch EVA-02 just in time.

[ 9th Angel - Matarael-Angel of Rain ]
This angel has the ability to cause a power failure at Tokyo-3, and it tried to attack NERV by secreting acid from it's bottom eye. All power supplies in Tokyo-3 were cut, the EVAs have to depend upon its' internal battery. The EVAs had to climb from the bottom, in order to kill it, Asuka used EVA-02 to protect Shinji from the acid while Rei picked up the machine gun from the floor, passed it to Shinji and killed the Angel.

[ 10th Angel - Sahaquiel-Angel of Sky ]
It appeared in the space and was able to drop bombs from it's body. It is smart as it destroyed all surveillance satellite and produced some radio wave to disrupt long-range communication between NERV and Gendou which was in Antarctica. It has the ability to learn from it's mistakes and improve it's accuracy. The 3 EVAs were positioned in 3 different places at Tokyo-3 to intercept the angel itself. Shinji was the first to arrive to catch it with it's A.T. Field while Asuka killed it with progressive knife.

[ 11th Angel - Iruel-Angel of Fear ]
A group of small angels the size of bacteria. It is capable of evolving into electronic form and hacked into MAGI system to cause a self-destruction. Ritsuko used its ability to evolve to kill it. Iruel's existences was denied by Gendou.

[ 12th Angel - Liliel-Angel of Night ]
Its actual body was the black shadow on the ground while the sphere on the sky is actually its shadow. It is 3nanometer in thickness and diameter of 680km and it is supported by A.T. field from within. Its internal part is called the Sea of Durac, an emptiness. Anything that stands above its shadow will be swallowed into the Sea of Durac, including EVA-01. When the life support system has reached its limit, Shinji saw the spirit of his mother and then EVA-01 went berserk and ripped open Liliel.

[ 13th Angel - Bardiel-Angel of Blood ]
It was flown to Tokyo-2 from America for activation shortly after the disappearance of EVA-04, and Touji Suzahara was chosen to be its pilot. It was somehow possessed when it passed through a thick cloud, and later was declared an angel, so the other three EVAs were dispatched to stop it. It was soon discovered to have an incredible abilities to stretch and fuse with other EVAs, and managed to take out EVA-00 and EVA-02, before being destroyed by EVA-01 on the dummy-plug system.

[ 14th Angel - Zeruel-Angel of Might ]
One of the most powerful angels. Its optic blast penetrated 18 layers of armor. It has 2 razor-sharp paper-thin arms that it used to mutilate EVA-02 and EVA-00. It was the first angel to penetrate the command center, EVA-01 came and pushed Zeruel away and they were being launched to the surface. EVA-01 was about to kill Zeruel when its internal power ran out, Zeruel blew the armor of EVA-01, a core was exposed. EVA-01 went berserk and devoured Zeruel and obtained its S^2 engine. Shinji's synch-ratio reached a staggering 400% and his body was liquefied.

[ 15th Angel - Arael-Angel of Birds ]
It appeared in the space where no weapons had the power to reach and penetrate its A.T. Field. Asuka took the lead but she failed when the angle attack EVA-02 with an energy discharge which is capable of contaminating the pilot's mind, maybe it was trying to understand human's mind. Gendou ordered Rei to kill the angel with the Spear of Longinus. It seems that Gendou intended for the spear to be lost in space.

[ 16th Angel - Armisael-Angel of Womb ]
It's shape is not fix, first it appeared to be a double helix ring, then it broke into 2 ends and tried to assimilate with EVA-00. It came into contact with Rei's mind. Rei self-destructed EVA-00 to save Shinji. The entry-plug of EVA-00 was recovered, but what was found inside was kept top secret. Miraculously Rei survive, but she has no memory of anything and she said she probably be the third one.

[ 17th Angel - Tabris-Angel of Free Will ]
He is Kaworu, also the 5th children sent by SEELE to pilot EVA-02. He made friend with Shinji and said that he likes Shinji. Kaworu controlled EVA-02 without an entry-plug and brought it down to Central Dogma. He created the strongest A.T. Field, but he let Shinji kill him because he chose to die.

[ 18th Angel - Humanis-Angel of Life ]
It is said by Misato in Ep. 25 "Air" that angels were born from Adam, therefore humans are the 18th angel because humans were born from Adam too. The 3rd Impact will be caused by humans themselves, being the real objective of Human Complementation Project.

I hope I have enlightened you.
Seifex Featured By Owner May 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
oborotyenvpup Featured By Owner May 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
dam right
Seifex Featured By Owner May 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
lol... sorry man, i didn't mean to answer so poorly earlier... was in a rush, having a stressful day... i think i meant to say something like "thanks for the info"
oborotyenvpup Featured By Owner May 19, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
that's ok
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